What is a lot better than seeing an intimate movie? You thought it – seeing a romantic film with cats involved!

We have taken six intimate film views and made them much better with these feline pals. Should they know very well what’s great for all of them, the administrators on the originals will cat fight their particular option to the legal rights among these purrfect flicks.

6. Brokeback Mountain

“More like ‘Brokecat Meowtain.'”

Brokeback Mountain

The passion between these twat kitties virtually radiates off the display in this “tail” of fur-bidden (and flea-bitten) really love.

5. Admiration Actually

“Similar To ‘Love Catually.'”

Love Actually

This movie will bat at the heartstrings like a cat which includes yarn – it’s not designed for kitties!

4. Dirty Dancing

“Similar To ‘Kitty Dancing.'”

Dirty Dancing

Even with 30 years, you’ll nevertheless mewl for this classic “tail” – no body throws kid inside the pet provider!

3. Juno

“More like ‘Mewno'”


Will this litter change Mewno’s life? You need to find out when “THUNDERCATS tend to be GO!”

2. Romeo and Juliet

“More like ‘Romeow and Mewliet'”

Romeo and Juliet

Two younger kitties – a Cat-pulet and a Meow-tague – come across a purrfect romance before catastrophe attacks.

1. State Anything

“A Lot More Like ‘Purr Anything'”

Say Anything

You simply can’t help but enjoy particularly this cherished melodra-mew about discovering fur-st love.

Can romance get any cuter? You may not be able to whisk-er eyes off these films – let-alone “paws” them. We let them have two dewclaws up!